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May 2018 Shows:


5/7 - On The Spot (Tickets)

5/11 - BoogieManja Sketch Comedy (Tickets)

5/12 - Shot4Shot Remake: The Force Awakens (More Info)

5/14 - On The Spot (Tickets)

5/20 - Cole Steele: Private Eye (Tickets)

5/21 - On The Spot w/ Citrus Singers & Broadway (More Info)

5/28 - On The Spot Memorial Day Special (Tickets)

“Luigi’s Odyssey” written by Mark Kramer & directed by Amanda Baramki. Check out this live sketch from a recent BoogieManja show!

“Imagine” - Teaser Trailer

A comedy that imagines a world where a 77-year-old John Lennon survived his gunshot wounds and now spends his jaded, twilight years on a Central Park bench.

Check out Patricks latest appearance as "Peppy" from Star Fox on the

Playable Characters Podcast!

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